Amazon Listing Proofread for Spelling, Grammar and Accuracy

Does your Amazon product listing need to be checked for spelling, grammar and accuracy relevant to the marketplace you're selling in?

Perhaps you're a non-native launching your product on Amazon UK (or vice versa) and need to ensure it connects with your target market.

If English is not your native language there are many nuances which you may not be aware of. Having a professional proof-read your listing to correct any errors can really help as you establish your brand.

Likewise, the often-neglected back-end search terms may have been overlooked and likely need proof-reading, too!

There are also certain terms and phrases that aren't allowed in your listing and which can negatively effect your product's sales and ranking.


Your proofread Amazon product listing optimisation will contain the following:

  • Proofreading of Title to Ensure it's TOS Compliant

  • Proofreading of Product Features and Benefits

  • Proofreading of Product Description with HTML Check

  • Proofreading of Back-End Search Terms

  • Highlight of where you may be breaking guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: if your ASIN is already selling well, making too many changes can have a negative impact on sales. If you are looking to proofread a superstar product with established sales history, please send me a message before booking, as this service may not be right for you.

If you have any questions or need more information regarding the service, please feel free to get in touch. I'll be happy to help guide you!
Requirements needed to get started
I will send you a product questionnaire to complete and return. 

The questionnaire asks a series of questions about your product that I need you to answer so I can write a great listing for you!
Focus keywords
0 focus keywords
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Edit Title
Edit Bullet Points
Edit Product Description
HTML Product Description
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Can I contact you if I have any questions?

Absolutely, you can send me a message anytime, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

If I have any technical issues uploading the listing what do I do?

In the event you need assistance, just drop me a message and I will do my best to assist you. Very occasionally, a simple paste error can throw the system off and won't let you save. I'm happy to help you troubleshoot if that happens.

Are you happy to make any changes if I need to make a revision?

No problem at all! While 99% of my clients are delighted with first delivery, I will happily provide two revisions, and work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Are you a native speaker?

Absolutely, English is my mother tongue. With excellent written and communication skills you can be confident that your listings will be written in perfect English (English US or English UK, tailored to suit your marketplace audience).

Why should I choose you as my copywriter?

Great question! Well, as an experienced Amazon copywriter I understand the importance of optimizing listings for both Amazon's A9 algorithm and the shopper - creating that perfect mix, so your product will be found in search, helping you to then close the sale when a buyer lands on your listing.

What marketplaces do you optimize for?

I optimize product listings for both the UK and US marketplace. 70% of my clients sell in the US and 30% in the UK. 

I've heard a lot about TOS compliant listings. What does that mean exactly?

TOS compliant listings are details pages that adhere to and fall within Amazon's permitted guidelines.

There's a lot of chatter out there on what is allowed and what isn't. As a result it can often feel like information overload.

As an experienced and battle-tested 3-year Amazon seller who is active engaged in the Amazon seller community, I am quick to know when new TOS changes come into effect.

As a result, my clients are able to benefit from that expertize, knowledge and insight, which is reflected in the work I deliver.